Anywhere Access::

Office 365 includes the latest version of all the familiar Office applications – including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook – for you to use on your PCs and Macs.

In addition, it also provides access to certain Office applications that are optimized for tablets and smartphones. For example, Outlook for Windows tablets is optimized for touch experience and makes it easier for users to interact, compose and manage their email on the go. Lync and OneNote for Windows Phones as well as iOSand Android operating system provide the rich experience on the mobile phones.

For each Office 365 licenseduser,you can use Office on up to 5 PC or Mac, and 5 mobile devices.


Access Anywhere::

There is no use for Office on all your devices if you can’t get to your documents.

  • With Office 365, your documents are saved to the cloud by default so they are automatically backed up. You now have a “drive” in the cloud called SkyDrive Pro for documents that you are managing and working on but can also share with others (see screenshot, point to the SkyDrive Pro link at the top right bar)
  • Because everything is saved to the cloud, when you sign into Office from any browser, you will always have the latest version of your documents follow you. See this list of your latest documents (point to the screenshot on the left). This also goes for settings like your personal dictionary and custom templates.
  • When your documents are saved in the cloud, you can also sync (point to the sync button on the top right) these files to your laptop or mobile devices so you can still access and work on them when you are offline. It will automatically re-sync it back to the cloud when you have your connection back.


Anywhere Access::

You usually travel with your laptop or tablets. But on the occasion that they ran out of battery, you can still work on your documents using Office Web Apps by logging into your Office 365 account from any browser.

Office Web Apps are now improved to provide you with the full feature experience in your web browser so you can create new documents or edit using your favorite browser.

With the new and improved Web Apps, you get more of the same ribbon experience that you are familiar with in the rich application. And more options will be added as we continue to make editions in the upcoming releases.

Get updated editing functionality like inline reply to comments as well as rich editing experience


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