Consultancy - What is this?

The most important aspect of any project is to deliver a successful solution on time and within budget. To achieve this every project needs to be properly managed, resources identified, roles assigned and tasks allocated.

How will it help my business?

By correctly managing the implementation process you give your project the best chance of being completed within budget and on time and with minimal risk.

Why GSD?

We have successfully managed many small to large implementations using our standardised and proven implementation methodologies. Our projects are broken down into task based activities around manageable steps.

  • Project Preparation
  • System Architecture
  • Implementation Blueprint
  • Environment Preparation
  • Data Migration
  • Software Configuration
  • Remote Connectivity requirements
  • Initial Unit Testing
  • User Training
  • UAT (User Acceptance Testing)
  • Go-Live (Milestone)
  • Handover and Handholding
  • Ser vice Level Agreement (SLA) - Optional

These are then planned against time lines and results of each task measured for completion. Any problems and issues can then be rapidly identified and quickly resolved. The risks inherent in any project are thus reduced to a manageable level.

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