Manage tasks and activities:

  •     View tasks and scheduled activities
  •     Display, update, and add activities for a specific customer or partner

Get alerts and manage approvals:

  •     Get alerts on deviations from approved prices, credit limits, stock, or targeted gross profits
  •     View and complete approval requests and drill into the relevant data or metrics

Manage sales and ser vice activities:

  •     Manage sales opportunities, sales quotations, and sales orders
  •     View detailed price lists and discount information
  •     Access, view, and update service contract details
  •     View, pick up, and add activity to service calls
  •     Check on-hand inventory and detailed item data
  •     See product available to promise (ATP)

Manage customer and partner data:

  •     Access and update customer and trading partner information
  •     View pervasive analytics on business partners

Access real-time reports:

  •     Access built-in dashboards and reports from SAP Crystal Reports
  •     Monitor and predict cash flow with key performance indicators
  •     Add customized reports to the application and share them via e-mail

Licensing and availability:

  •     Download the free app from the Apple App Store
  •     Run with SAP Business One, SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA, or the SAP Business One OnDemand solution as your back-end system for business use

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