The SDK provides application programming interfaces (APIs) that help you interface with and enhance SAP Business One in several ways. From simple screen modifications to sophisticated integration projects, the SDK provides a flexible set of tools that include: • The User Interface API, which lets you modify SAP Business One by creating new windows, redesigning existing windows, and adding menus or dialog boxes. Modifications can be as simple as hiding or disabling a field, or as complex as adding a new transaction. • The Data Interface API, which lets you build real-time links between SAP Business One and external applications. By providing a programmatic interface to SAP Business One through a set of fully functional business objects, the Data Interface API gives you the power to connect applications and automate processes. • The Java Connector, which gives developers all the power and flexibility of the Data Interface API in a Java development environment. These APIs are complemented by a variety of tools that provide a robust development environment.


The SDK offers a full-featured set of business objects that allow real-time or batch-mode integration between SAP Business One and your external applications. Whether you are interfacing with a custom Web portal, integrating legacy data, or building collaborative applications using XML Web services, the SDK simplifies the task with access to a wide range of master records and transactional objects. By providing business objects that contain exactly the same logic as the SAP Business One client application, the SDK eliminates the need to rewrite business logic and ensures the integrity of your data. Because developers do not need a detailed understanding of SAP Business One’s database or internal business logic, they can get up to speed faster and deliver higher quality solutions at a lower cost.


The SDK can maximize the power of your business management solution and help your business run more smoothly. You can, for example:

  • Control bad debts and improve cash flow by utilising the centralized credit-checking system which can be interfaced with multiple departments within your company or subsidiaries.
  • Provide your customers with a Web portal where they can view open invoices and update contact information
  • Integrate specialized solutions with SAP Business One to automate the flow of information between systems and share data in real time Built on standards that provide greater interoperability with other applications and operating systems, the SDK is compatible with the most popular technologies on the market today – including Visual Basic, C++, Java, and .NET. With the freedom to select from a wide range of development tools, you can enhance and extend SAP Business One using skills your staff already has. There are no proprietary languages, tools, or development environments to learn and no need for extensive training or lengthy ramp-up time.


The SDK is designed to make upgrades easy. Because the SDK maintains programming interfaces for backward compatibility, the integrations and enhancements you build today will work smoothly with future versions of SAP Business One – with little or no need to rework custom code.


The SAP Business One SDK is a supplementary product of SAP Business One and is shipped and licensed separately. Runtime components are included with SAP Business One. All customers who purchase SAP Business One may run enhancements and add-on applications that were built using the SDK. The SDK is available in both an implementation version and a development version. The implementation version includes the User Interface API, which allows you to modify windows in SAP Business One (for example, hiding or disabling fields), add new menus, insert message boxes, and add status bar messages. The development version of the SDK includes all the functions delivered in the implementation version, plus the Data Interface API and the Java Connector. This version also provides additional tools and utilities that facilitate the development and maintenance of software enhancements.

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